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There are a variety of programs offered for group, family and individual training.

Mini Dragons

Two children in the mini dragons programThis program is designed for children ages 3 to 5 years. Our instructors are experts in children’s programs. MSH Martial Arts Academy understands that children at this age have a short attention span. This program is specialized and is taught at a 25% learning pace for a greater comprehension and 100% retention for the child.


Group of children in martial arts classIntended for ages 6 and above, the children’s after school program is designed to develop self discipline, self confidence and leadership skills. These classes are fast paced and fun and very structured. The program includes a vaiety of drills and techniques taught in each class to help youth develop physical and mental skills.

Adult and Teen

Instructor performing kick to dummyThe Adult and Teen Martial Arts Program is a great way to challenge your mind and body! This program is for varying ages and fitness levels. Also available are classes on self-defense, weight-loss, and military training.