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As a martial arts student and parent of autistic children, I read with interest the article that was posted [view news, May 22, 2009] regarding your work with an autistic child. Autism is a difficult challenge for children and their families. Often, such children cannot participate in the same activities as other children, and autistic children sit on the sidelines while their parents bemoan the lack of opportunities for them.

You show the true spirit of the martial arts by working with Hunter and his family to overcome some of the child’s challenges. At the do-jang I attend, we are often reminded of the definition of the true black belt spirit, and this is one of the best examples of it I have seen publicized in a long time.

In a world oversaturated with bad news, and especially the grim outlook for children with autism, this article made my day. I forwarded it my childrens’ school, and the director has e-mailed it to all of her staff. It is also on my Facebook page and an autism forum message board that I read. I just want to shout it from the mountaintops! I know how much martial arts has enriched my life and I am of the firm belief it can enrich the lives of children disabled by autism.