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Lady Dragons Dragon-Boat Training Update

Man-Son-Hing News wants to keep you updated about the exciting training of our future champion Dragon Boat racing team. The Man-Son-Hing Lady Dragons were on the water training on Wednesday, April 1st to prove there was no April fools joke when it came to their paddling techniques and improved speed on the water. The team is dedicated and trains together three days a week which includes one water practice and two physical fitness team trainings. This team is serious about representing the women’s division at the International Dragon Boat Races on Saturday, May 2, 2009. They plan to breath fire down the throat of the competition to win the “Women’s Challenge Cup”.

Please continue to visit our website and read our updated blogs and check out our pics on the Man-Son-Hing Lady Dragons. Be sure to make plans to come out and support your team, the Man-Son-Hing Lady Dragons on Saturday, May 2nd! Proudly sponsored by Tropicana Products! To get all the complete details for race day please visit the official dragon boat site at