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Black Belt Testing

The black Belt testing is an honorable and serious ceremony. Black Belt Testing is of mind, spirit and body. It depicts a life defining moment for each candidate, as their name will now be personally entered into the history books of the World TaeKwonDo Federation by Grand Master Dr. Jung Park. All certificates presented were personally certified and signed by Grand Master Park. Black Belt candidates train for years “not months” in advance to perform before the Grand Master. The testing can be risky, therefore the candidates must have complete concentration to perform perfectly their form and one steps before the Grand Master. We are proud of all our candidates from white belt to black belts that participated in this historical experience of a lifetime.

A Special “thank you” to Sheila Man-Son-Hing, Professional Photographer for all her talent in facilitating photography and video for our website and DVD library.

We have added a testimonial by Lou Greco that includes a link to a video from the ceremony on June 5.