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Mystik and MSH Summer Camp at Avalon Riding Academy

Take a look at Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy camp kids with Master Chris riding Mystik and all the other wonderful horses with the camp kids at the Avalon Riding Academy. We picked a special horse to feature named Cory. He is Avalons’ 31 year old white beauty. He is the special white horse in the slide show who is so gentle all the kids are grooming him. Even at his age of 31 he is healthy and extremely well cared for by the Avalon staff! Also, the Avalon camp girls show Instructor Justin, how to “kick” in the martial arts class held at the beautiful Avalon facility. Many thanks to Pam, Pat, Carly, Liz and Justin for all there great instructing while at Avalon Riding Academy. Both camps had a great day together!