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MSH Lady Dragons and The Tampa Club

Coach Chris is serious about building team membership with athletic and passionate team members. Your new team member referral will extend an invitation to you to join us at breakfast at the Tampa Club. This is our time to build even a stronger relationship with you and your new team member referral. Please take advantage of this great invitation by letting us know if you have made a new team member referrrals and meet us for breakfast! Cynthia Mark brought us Dr. Colleen Elligott, DVM who is training for a Ironman competition and is an athlete. Thank you Cynthia. Colleen is also a sponsor for the team and received a MSH Lady Dragons family team shirt for her generous donation with breakfast. The meeting developed a committee for sponsorship with Cynthia, Colleen. New member Donna Gonzalez also agreed to volunteer her time with the fund raising committee. Thank you to you all for your dedication to the team!