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Golden Belt Award Featuring Student Angel Carde

Story written by: Nicolette Carde

Angel Carde started with Man Son Hing Martial Arts Academy in January 2007 when he was just 5 years old. His parents, United States Navy Chief Petty Officer Edgar and Nicolette Carde, were expecting his little sister Anela that year and she is now 5, the same age he was when he started. Angel won the Most Improved award at his very first belt testing and has steadily moved through each belt to achieve his current rank of deputy black belt.

It has taken six years of staying consistent and struggling to stay through the times he wanted to quit. As you move up in rank, obviously Master Chris challenges you more to bring out the best you have to offer and to improve your skills. There are still occasional times that he feels he struggles with finishing what he started but we as a family know this is a gift that he will carry with him his entire lifetime. Even now he will often appreciate his abilities when they come naturally to him to defend himself of the sometimes harsh world of adolescents around him. He loves that no one in our neighborhood even wants to challenge him as young boys do sometimes to claim there territory. This is when we just smile and tell him, “you’re welcome!”

Angel is also an honor roll student with top FCAT scores and has always been chosen to participate in extra curricular activities in school such as Math Club, Robotics, Guitar Club, Science Fair and this year, was 1 of only 4 children in their school to create a display at the Florida State Fair. To tell you a little about his character, he is the only kid in his school that sits with the special needs students periodically to allow them to feel accepted even when his other friends make fun of him for doing it. Angel also participates in other sports such as baseball and basketball. He will be starting middle school in the fall and hopes to play with the school team.

He is our handsome, confident and loving little Angel (which means a messenger of God) and we are proud of the man he is becoming and proud of the part that the Man Son Hing family plays in that role. Our daughter Anela (Hawaiian for Angel) wants to soon follow in her brothers footsteps and become a proud student of Master Chris, who not long ago held her as an infant. We look forward to continuing to grow as one big family!