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February News

Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy conducted a promotional testing on Friday evening, February 7th, 2014. Approximately seventy five supporters and promotional candidates were in attendance at the Asian inspired martial arts center. Master Man-Son-Hing, 5th Dan Black Belt, TaeKwonDo/Hapkido presided over the testing and was assisted by Master Sean Farr, 4th Dan Black Belt. Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy students Alexis Hurtado and Cass Sanz (son of Christopher and Donna Sanz) assisted both Master Man-Son-Hing and Master Farr with the testing.

High ranking Candidates, Christopher Sanz and Steven Udagawa exhibited excellence martial arts performances and were both promoted to the next higher rank. All other candidates were outstanding in their performance and were all promoted. Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy proudly welcomed the Jewish Community Center candidates who did an awesome job!