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MSH April NEWS MSH “Easter” Promotional Testing

Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy presented a Easter Promotional Testing on Saturday, April 10th, 2015. Master Man-Son-Hing, 6th Dan Black Belt conducted a promotional testing of the academy students. The academy welcomed special Guest Speaker, Dr. Larry Kipp, 6th Dan Black Belt, Isshinryu Martial Arts. Dr. Kipp demonstrated several forms in the Isshinryu martial art. Dr. Kipp also explained briefly why martial arts is such an important part of his everyday life with the daily demands as a medical doctor, surgeon, father and husband. Dr. Kipp left everyone with such a memorable quote, “Everyone has the same 24 hours in the same day”. Master Man-Son-Hing applauds Dr. Kipp for reminding us all to make it a priority in your life to expand your mental, physical and spiritual being daily. The academy also welcomed the Jewish Community Center and Booker T Washington promotional candidates. All candidates had an outstanding performance presenting to Master Man-Son-Hing their forms, one-steps and board breaks. Congratulations to everyone for earning and being promoted to the next rank. Master Sean Farr, 4th Dan Black Belt presented the center and families with a beautiful Easter Prayer, giving us an opportunity to share our faith in Jesus Christ our Savior. Congratulations are in order to Master Chris Man-Son-Hing who Earned his 6th Dan Black Belt on February 27th, 2015. This is a life time achievement for Master Man-Son-Hing who is very humbled to join ranks of the Elite Masters of TaeKwonDo. The Sixth Dan testing was conducted by Grand Master Jung Park of Korea. Please view the Easter promotional testing slide show along with photographs of Master Man-Son-Hing Sixth Dan Testing by visiting and remember to “Like Us” on our Facebook when you click on the website! The Right Defense Summer Special! Visit The Right Defense for Women to schedule your self, or your group a luncheon self defense lesson today! Interested, contact us for more information. “Like Us” on The Right Defense Website/Facebook and receive $10.00 your seminar!