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MSH April Client Profile~Donna Gonzalez, ARNP

What started my journey in martial arts?

Two specific incidents started my journey: 1) When in the first grade, my youngest daughter, Sophia, was being bullied by a classmate. The bully, three times Sophia’s size was taking Sophia’s lunch every day and pushing her around on the playground. I wanted to ensure that my daughter would know how to protect herself regardless of her petite stature, so I had a conversation with Janise and Chris about the situation and enrolled Sophia in the Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy. 2) Having personally experienced physical assault by someone I knew, I never wanted to be vulnerable like that again. I needed to know that I could defend and protect myself skillfully and with purpose. I was fortunate to have escaped my attacker. Had I known the skills then that I know now, the fight, struggle, and nightmare would have never lasted as long as it did.

What keeps me training even with my busy professional life?

The constant practice of the five tenants I learned at the academy, the same traits I follow in my professional career: Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Respect, and Indomitable Spirit. I took time off during a time in my life when my schedule was overextended, but revisiting the conversation time and again with Janise and Chris proved to me how much I missed the practice and how much I needed it. I have made a personal commitment to learning and growing through my martial arts practice. I can’t let myself down, I’ve come to far.

What is my ultimate goal in martial arts?

Ultimately, I would like to obtain my Black Belt, be proficient in my practice of Tae Kwon Do, continue to grow in my practice and share the knowledge that has been shared with me.

Donna Gonzalez is presently working to obtain a Doctorial Degree. “Dr. Donna Gonzalez Sounds Great!”