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Joshua Sevelin wins The MSH Golden Belt Award

Joshua Sevelin, 2nd Dan Black Belt Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy Golden Belt Award Recipient First Quarter, 2010.

Q. Why do you like to martial arts and what made you start?

A. I love martial arts because it has taught me self-control and has changed me physically and mentally. I wanted to start because I saw people from demos and tournaments doing fantastic feats, and I wanted to try that for myself.

Q. What is your greatest martial arts experience?

A. My greatest martial arts experience was when I earned my 2nd Dan months ago. I had trained for six months for the testing, and when I got the belt, you would think someone handed me a billion dollar check.

Q. What is your biggest dream in the martial arts world?

A. My biggest dream is to earn all the black belt dans. When I first started martial arts, I wanted to make it to the top. Now, six years later, I\’m half way there. I\’ve done so much work throughout my time in martial arts, that I want to see it through to the end.

Q. What is the hardest thing you had to learn while becoming a black belt and how did you overcome it?

A. I think everything was hard, because it was so different for me. I had just made 1st Dan, and Master Chris introduced me to new techniques. But as I worked on them, I was able to use the skills I learned to get my black belt, and it was easier to understand the new skills I had to learn. Plus, I had the help of Master Chris, his son Justin, and another black belt, Sean.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to other martial artist, what would it be?

A. Never give up. It may seem impossible to keep going, but trust me, if you do, the reward is worth it. I learned this when I tested for my first belt after white, yellow. After that, I was driven to keep going. So keep going, and you will succeed in making your way to master, and other things as well.