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Positive “News” from Our Martial Arts Family to Yours

COVID19 has been very challenging for everyone and we have had you all in our prayers. MSH Martial Arts Academy took immediate action by closing our doors as directed by the CDC, but not our spirit and training! Our amazing clients have all been training by zoom with Master Chris who has come up with some very innovative training sessions. Everyone has been training from their homes. So, as a student, you have to make this work and feel comfortable in a new setting. This is excellent for changing and strengthening your mindset, especially while testing in a new environment.  Master Chris related, “as a young student in his country of Guyana, South America the students would train outside in a park to perceive a real environment, not just a classroom environment”. This definitely opens the mind. Secondly, when conducting a zoom meeting as the host you have the ability to “MUTE” others in the meeting. Master Chris conducted a lesson in complete silence. Why? So he could observe the physical motions of each student while they performed their one steps without sound. A great learning lesson.  As we continue to get through this world and its changes, we will continue to build stronger as families and more spiritual in our lives. Many thanks to our amazing team of parents and students for your continued support and enthusiasm. Hopefully, we will be back in the martial arts training center very soon!