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MSH Martial Arts March Family Profile “The Taylor Family”

Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts are pleased to have the Taylor Family as our March Family Profile.
I asked Christina Taylor, mom of three, wife, and Professional Business Woman to answer a few questions as to the family’s journey and why they started the journey into the Martial Arts World, here is their story!
What started The Family Journey?
The Taylor family journey to Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy started with my husband (Jeff) looking for an after-school activity he could do with the kids. As a teacher (at Leto high school) he was VERY adamant about doing something with the kids rather than just dropping them off and/or waiting for them to be done (trust me it’s a tough find!) This is when he found the MSH Martial Arts Training Center and he and the two oldest kiddos (Bailey & Lauren) took a tour. That same night they came home so excited to share they committed to learning taekwondo! About a year and a half later, after watching them being pushed out of their comfort zones, practicing together, and observing their learned skills in various testings I (Christina) and our youngest daughter (Aurora) decided we no longer wanted to be on the sidelines and too wanted to learn so we also committed!  About a year and a half later Jeff and Lauren have advanced to a blue belt, Bailey is a blue belt with a black stripe, Aurora is an Orange belt (and she’s only 5!!), and I’m a green belt  (and still very much being pushed out of comfort zone!
What keeps me (Christina) training even with my busy professional life?
Master Chris calling me out on my mistakes definitely motivates me to practice more even with a slammed schedule! My kiddos and husband too secretly motivate me because I see them practicing and then I feel the need to jump in because I know I need all the practice I can get! Jeff is consistent with practicing and uses it as a stress reducer at the end of the day!
What keeps the complete family training?
My husband and oldest daughter are VERY competitive so typically the pattern begins with his training then she follows suit (because she hates when he does better than her) this then inspires Bailey to jump in (because he hates when his sister does better than him) and this causes the littlest to jump in and train too because…well because she doesn’t know how to not be the center of attention!
What is my ultimate goal in martial arts?
My personal goal for martial arts is to spend quality time with my family in a positive, healthy way that promotes self-growth; while also learning how to defend myself if the situation ever arose.
What is the family’s ultimate goal in martial arts?
I believe the overall goal of the family to pursue/continue martial arts is to learn and grow! Martial arts has improved all of our confidence with public speaking, working under pressure, and persevering while learning/attempting things that they didn’t think we were able to do!
In Closing, Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts knows wherever the Taylor family plans to put down roots, they will touch lives in positive ways to better this world. Thank you for being a part of our lives and team.
Master Christopher Man-Son-Hing