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Here is just some of the praise Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts has received.

I love it!!! My son has the best time ever Master Chris and Wife is now Family I highly recommend to everyone!!! Its good for all ages

The best of the best!!! The Man-Son’Hing team has made all the difference in my son’s younger years!! Thank you for all the positive influence shared and taught to your students.

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of the fun out at Avalon yesterday. I am glad to be able to experience some of the fun. Josh had a terrific time!

Before and afterI have been doing “personal training” with Chris and Justin for well over a year and I’ve never felt better! I must admit the first month was tough. Any new workout regimen is! I’m so glad I toughed it out. I not only look forward to my twice a week sessions, but actually plan other activities around them so that I don’t miss my workouts. Chris has a never ending supply of “out of the ordinary” exercises and movements that target specific muscles and challenge me each and every workout. My strength and endurance is at an all time high. I’m very happy with my progress and the long term payoff is SO WORTH IT!

I would like to thank you for the great experience you provided all of us during the belt testing last Friday. Both my older children took Taekwondo but I had not been to a belt testing in some time. Master Chris and Grand Master Park were very personable and motivating and the commentary that Janise gave was moving and very informative. I really enjoyed the experience.

I want to also take a moment to personally thank you for the work you have done with Josh. I have not recently had an opportunity to see how much he has progressed under your guidance. I was very impressed! He is really starting to get it and as he continues will really grow and gain confidence.

Again, Thank you for your great work.

Josh was only 9 when he came to the Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy two and a half years ago as a new junior black belt. Adjusting to a new school with new forms and other requirements was very daunting. Master Chris assured Josh that he believed in him and promised that he would become even more disciplined and skilled through his teaching and methods.

Master Chris inspires his students to excel and never, ever give up. Josh has greatly improved and believes he will be successful in his next Dan testing.

We love this school!

OrlandoOrlando began classes at the Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy on October 2008, before then he suffered from asthma, croup and severe allergies he was on daily treatments, medications and in and out of the hospital. After the first week I started weaning him off all meds currently Orlando is completely meds free and a happy normal little boy.

I know Orlando’s full recovery has to do with the training at the Academy. Thank you Master Chris, Justin and Janise for always pushing Orlando to the next level and show his true potential in martial arts.

As a martial arts student and parent of autistic children, I read with interest the article that was posted [view news, May 22, 2009] regarding your work with an autistic child. Autism is a difficult challenge for children and their families. Often, such children cannot participate in the same activities as other children, and autistic children sit on the sidelines while their parents bemoan the lack of opportunities for them.

You show the true spirit of the martial arts by working with Hunter and his family to overcome some of the child’s challenges. At the do-jang I attend, we are often reminded of the definition of the true black belt spirit, and this is one of the best examples of it I have seen publicized in a long time.

In a world oversaturated with bad news, and especially the grim outlook for children with autism, this article made my day. I forwarded it my childrens’ school, and the director has e-mailed it to all of her staff. It is also on my Facebook page and an autism forum message board that I read. I just want to shout it from the mountaintops! I know how much martial arts has enriched my life and I am of the firm belief it can enrich the lives of children disabled by autism.

HunterHunter has faced many difficulties in his young years, born with a severe seizure disorder, developmental and physical delays and a mild form of autism. When beginning his training at the dojo in May 2008, Hunter was a frail, timid child weighing just twenty six pounds. Although we have had Hunter’s seizures under control for a while, his lack of weight has constantly been at issue to the point that the doctors were contemplating a feeding tube for nourishment.

Immediately upon starting his training, we noticed a difference. If it is a “dojo day” he breezes through his homework, readily eats up his dinner and now rocks the scale at forty pounds. Hunter’s neurologist is contemplating reducing or removing Hunter from his seizure medications after his upcoming yearly testing in March 2009.

We are extremely grateful for their compassion and love for children and how they have made life altering changes in our son’s lives.