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Children’s After School Programs

Group of children in martial arts classIntended for ages 6 and above, the children’s after school program is designed to develop self discipline, self confidence and leadership skills. Click here for children under 6. These classes are fast paced and fun, but very structured. The program includes a variety of drills and techniques taught in each class to help kids develop physical and mental skills. The students in this program have the opportunity to take part in competition at state level and world class level and can also be selected to be a part of an elite demonstration team.

  • Korean language taught in every class
  • Traditional forms and one-steps
  • Self-defense for children
  • Weapons training
  • Sparring and competition

Summer Camp Programs

The summer camp program is for youth of all ages. In the Summer Camp Program the youth are expected to accomplish a set goal during their enrollment at the academy before receiving their certificate of completion.

  • Creative exercises and games
  • Field trips to exciting places

Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy partnered up with Avalon Riding Academy a for a day of horse back riding and martial arts camp. This summer camp is every Wednesday. There is limited space in the camp so please reserve your spot today. Please contact us for more information.