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Welcome to The Right Defense for Women!

Our program, based in Tampa, is dedicated to women’s self defense. This class is taught by both a male and female instructors.  The class consists of conditioning, stretching, and basic rape prevention techniques.

Master Chris of the Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy, Tampa, has studied many forms of martial arts throughout his life and currently holds the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido.

As a recently retired law enforcement officer with over twenty years of experience, Master Chris interviewed many female victims of assault. He discovered that the majority of their attacks ended on the ground.

Using his combined experience, Master Chris has developed a series of techniques and principles designed specifically to prepare women to defend themselves in any situation.


Seminar Preview

Watch this video for a preview of The Right Defense seminar.

Scary Statistics

  • During a one-year period, 7.5 million people age 18 or older in the United States were stalked.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 or almost 23 million women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime.
  • Of the violent crimes reported on college and university campuses in 2012, 46.0 percent were aggravated assaults, 31.8 percent were robberies, 22.2 percent were forcible rapes, and 0.1 percent were murders or non-negligent manslaughters.

(Published in 2014 by the National Center for Victims of Crimes – Source:

Invest in Your Personal Safety before it’s too late!

Thank you for your interest in The Right Defense for Women. Due to demand and limited space, please make your reservation by completing our registration form and submitting it. Once you have filled out your reservation a professional representative of The Right Defense staff will contact you personally to confirm your reservation, schedule your session, and discuss your easy option for payment.

COST: Introductory private sessions are $45.00 and classes can be customized for group pricing.

Your Seminar Bonus will include our DVD “The Right Defense: Bulletproofing Your Mind.” The DVD takes you step by step through the easy self defense program created by Master Man-Son-Hing. You will be able to continue to practice what you accomplish in the seminar by simply watching and practicing along with the DVD. As an added bonus, your DVD will be personally autographed by internationally recognized TaeKwondo Master Christopher Man-Son-Hing. Your seminar will also include an opening orientation by Self Defense Instructor and Founder of The Right Defense for Women, Janise Nichols Man-Son-Hing.

If you are unable to schedule a seminar with us at this time, learn the techniques by purchasing the self defense DVD online, just click on Buy It Now. The DVD can be shipped anywhere in the world! Learn these simple, but effective life-saving techniques from this DVD and practice them with a friend.