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Whatever your goals may be, having the right person to help you reach them makes all the difference. This is where the Man-Son-Hing personal trainer steps in to make the difference. The personal trainer offers you one on one instruction to guide you along every step of the way.

The trainer keeps you on track and corrects whenever necessary. A Man-Son-Hing personal trainer does more than just give technical advice; they also motivate you to keep going where you might give up on your own. He or she is the coach who believes you can reach your objectives, even before you do and then shows you exactly how to go about it. A personal lesson plan is created just to meet your goals and track your improvement.

Receive tailor-made training

You are different from the next person and so are your goals. A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t yield anywhere near the results that personal training offers. We adapt the training to your specific needs and desires so you reach your goals the fastest way possible.

Learn what works

Instead of mindlessly repeating an instructor at the gym, you’ll learn not only how but more importantly why to perform the exercises in your training program. Knowledge is power and we give it to you.

Focus on success

You identify one or more goals you want to achieve. The personal trainer makes sure you stay on track and reach them. He provides you with detailed programs for training sessions and follows up via e-mail, phone calls and personal evaluations.

Stay fresh

Doing the same routines or techniques over and again is boring and makes you want to quit. Even worse, it can lead to overtraining and nagging injuries. The personal trainer gives you endless variations on basic exercises along with new training methods to keep every work out fresh and fun. These are exercises that can also be performed at home.


Mental determination is a key factor to achieving your goals. Whenever you have doubts or feels like giving up, the personal trainer motivates you to keep going. He encourages you every step of the way to meet your goals.