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Meet the MSH Martial Arts Black Belt Instructors~A Family Legacy!

Let me introduce you to the MSH Martial Arts Black Belt Instructors!

Master Chris Man-Son-Hing’s Son, Justin Man-Son-Hing 3rd Dan Black Belt TaeKwonDo and his Daughter, Mallory Man-Son-Hing Swidersky 2nd Dan Black Belt TaeKwonDo.

As long as Justin and Mallory can both remember their dad has been involved in some type of Martial Arts Training. Today, Master Chris Man-Son-Hing is a 6th Dan Black Belt, TaeKwonDo, and a 5th Dan Black Belt, Hapkido. So, it was natural for his children to follow in his footsteps~ Yet, they both have their own instruction style. Master Chris is very proud and hopes they will continue to pursue their next rank in TaeKwonDo!

Justin, Master Chris and Mallory