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Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Legacy

Master Christopher Man-Son-Hing was recently promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt by

Grand Master J. Park, 9th Dan Black Belt. Master Chris is passing his Legacy

down through the generations and is now in the TaeKwoDo history books.

Featured on The Cover of The Lutz Magazine, February 2022 Issue includes:

Grand Master J. Park, 9th Dan Black Belt

Master Christopher Man-Son-Hing, 7th Dan Black Belt

Master Justin Man-Son-Hing, 4th Dan Black Belt

Mallory Man-Son-Hing Swidersky, 3rd Dan Black Belt

Janise Nichols Man-Son-Hing, Deputy Black Belt and Co-Owner of

Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy, Inc.

The article featured below showcases Master Chris’ cadre of Black Belts and ranking students with

a complete biography of Master Chris’ lifetime journey in martial arts and rising in the ranks!