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December Client Profile Sean and Nate McDaniel

Father and Son Team Sean and Nate McDaniel

What started my journey in martial arts?  I personally have always been interested in Martial Arts as a young kid.  My dad and I were big Chuck Norris fans as I was growing up. When I was young I wanted to train in martial arts but my parents were not well off because of my dad’s medical bills.  While they wanted me to have outside activities they simply could not afford the classes at that time in my life.  I also believe that martial arts also aligns with my relationship with Jesus Christ.  As Christians, we are to be self-disciplined with our relationship with the Lord as well as others and maintain a focus on Christ.
When I finished high school, I was working as well as attending college.  I had enough income to take Martial Arts and studied Goju for two years with Master Manny Calo.  Unfortunately, I was not able to continue as my schooling and life in general intensified. The Family Journey?  CJ (my wife) and I have been married for twenty-one years.  We have two beautiful children Kyrie and Nathan.  We are very blessed with our children.  Nathan has ADHD and we have been working with doctors to do what is best for him.  Both Kyrie and Nathan are super smart (they take haver their mother) and do very well in school.  Nathan scored 100% on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) this year (2021) and we are all super proud of him.  Kyrie continues to excel at the Buchanan STEM program with Principles Honor Roll (straight A’s every term) every term. 
In July of 2019, around my 42nd birthday, my life changed forever.  I had a stroke and my wife drove me to the hospital we knew this stroke could have been much worse.  The Lord really took care of me during that time.  I have always been a heavy guy but my vitals have been good.  This was caused by a Patent Foramen Oval (PFO) aka a hole in the heart.  This really shook my entire family and I wanted to take better care of myself as well as make sure I spent as much time with my kids as I could.  With Mamamin’s (Grandma’s) help, we have been with Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy for over a year because Nathan wanted us to. 
What keeps me training even with my busy professional life?  Nathan (my son).  Nathan wants me to do this with him and I am happy that he does.  I know there will be a time when that will pass so I will take full advantage of it now.  We have about a twenty-minute drive to Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy and Nathan will fill me in on his day.  We also train as much as we can during the week because we both do not want to disappoint Master Chris!
What is my ultimate goal in martial arts?  Personally, to get in better shape.  Mainly, to spend time with my son doing something we both enjoy!
What is the family’s ultimate goal in martial arts?  When Nathan and I succeed together it is a true joy to be with him during these times.  My personal ultimate goal is to spend time with Nathan as father and son.  Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy has really helped both of us achieve that and further our self-discipline

Master Man-Son-Hing could not be prouder of Sean and Nate McDaniel! Thank you for your testimony!